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As the leading manufacturer of FRP panels in China, we have been helping CIMC(China International Marine Containers Group) and NT TANK (Nantong Tank Containers CO., LTD) implement the Tank containers projects worldwide.

We have been dominating the vast capacity of the FRP panel/FRP sheet in China. We provide simple turn-key projects from before-sales consulting service to production team building.

In the past ten years, we have helped over 30 customers save 3-10% of procurement costs annually and assisted five domestic customers and three overseas customers in designing various new FPR products.

Please remember us, Taizhou Zhongsheng FRP Co., Ltd, short for ZS FRP, your best supplier in China!

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Our product

Taizhou Zhongsheng FRP Co., Ltd. produces FRP Panels with the automatic panel production line.

Why choose us


Zhongsheng has a dynamic and experienced team that can establish good business communication and provide professional services.


As an FRP product manufacture, Zhongsheng FRP strictly follows ISO 9001 Standard. All products will pass sterner test before released.


Same quality, better price. The price will be 10-15% cheaper at the same quality level. We will never lower the quality level for short-term profit.


100000 square meters production capacity monthly, ensure on-time delivery


ZS FRP has 5 senior technical engineers, 10 after-service engineers who are ready to help with any problem.


7 /24 online support, timely technical support by factory engineers.

The reasons you choose our FRP SHEET

Sound insulation

You don’t need to worry anymore when it rains. The FRP panels will keep it quiet indoors and outdoors.
The propagation of sound will have different results through different materials. For example, the sound produced by the wood material when it rains is relatively calm, while the sound produced by the metal plate material when it rains is high-pitched.

Application: agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry, public workshops, road noise walls, business premises, bazaars, residences, military buildings, railway station platforms, etc.

Fire resistance

Our fiberglass panels are produced by excellent flame-retardant material, which meets the standard of ASEM E 84 Class A, and its non-spontaneous combustion properties make buildings extremely safe against fire.
Generally, when a fire occurs in an iron sheet factory (galvanized or galvanized steel sheet factory), many accidents are caused by electric wire. Because the PU foam insulation layer of the iron sheet house is explosive and the burning speed is fast, the entire factory building will be damaged. The probability of destruction is nearly 100, and fire is difficult to save.

However, there is no such problem with the anti-corrosion panels. The non-spontaneous combustion characteristics allow it to show excellent performance in the process of fire prevention. Therefore, our FRP sheets guarantee the safety of the plant.

Application: All workshops that emphasize fire safety are applicable. It is not easy to rescue the color steel structure in case of fire, and the Zhongsheng anti-corrosion panels are easy to retrieve during firefighting.

Water resistance

Moisture resistance and non-absorbent properties are other advantages of our GRP panels, and its ability to replace wood materials is an industry innovation. Therefore, how to apply it in the diversified building materials market is the basis for the development of composite panels in the future.

Application: industrial plants, public buildings, transportation facilities (railway carports, MRT hangars, aircraft hangars), etc.

Anti-lightning, Anti-static

The fiberglass sheet is a kind of excellent insulating material, with the non-conductive in case of electricity, which is widely used in electrical appliances, power supplies, and circuit boards.

Weather resistance

20-year weather resistance test results:

a. Flexural strength to retention rate of more than 80%;

b. The retention rate of impact strength is 100%.

Anti-radio wave

No interference from radio waves, and the signal is stable
Our FRP sheets have been tested by the microwave reflection attenuation measurement method of the Institute of Chemistry, Zhongshan Academy of Sciences (this method refers to the technique in the US military regulation ML-A-17161D)

Measurement results:
There is no reflection attenuation characteristic at 1-3GHZ, the attenuation value at 9.15GHZ is -3.61+0.03DB, and the measurement reliability level is 95%.

Application: National defense military facilities.

Our Happy Clients from 30+ countries

Bob Psaradelis

We have cooperated with Zhongsheng FRP for 3 years, just wanted to say it was a great company, product quality is good, very convenient location for shipment. I loved the people there, especially the sales and the RD staff. Vincent is such a nice and professional guy. Overall high efficiency plus great product to get! Thank you!

Lauren Mierley

This company has a great staff, attentive and always ready to help. The FRP panels I recieved are in great quality. I would like to recommend this company to you all, really nice to do business with them, and I am actually thinking about further and deeper cooperation.

Douglas Less

I was impressed by how nice their new built workshop was. The auto production line was trendy & functional,super cool. Workshop was clean, service was friendly. Five of our colleagues stayed comfortably & enjoyed our visit.

Kyle Romero

Sourcing FRP sheets from abroad is sometimes frustrating. I previously sourced GRP sheets from a factory in Indonesia, and the price was indeed low. Still, their staff's English communication and business skills were not good, and once the shipment was delayed due to customs clearance problems, I only found out half a month later. Working with ZhongSheng FRP is much less hassle. Their salesman said their environmentally friendly products were lab certified and was convinced of this. And also, they are really professional, all I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods.

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