FRP 3D Embossed Panel

20 year service time
Thickness: 1.0-3.5mm
Width range:50mm-3000mm
Type: could be customized as drawings
UV resistance: Yes
Water resistance: Yes
Fire retardant Rating: ASTM E84 Class A

Zs FRP /GRP 3D embossed panel is a composite laminated sheet with high standard resin and fiberglass, but you could not even see any fiberglass on the surface, very beautiful as wall panels. 

Play Video about Fiberglass-pebble-sheet
Longitudinal tensile strengthMPA142
Transverse tensile strengthMPA120
Shear strengthMPA120
Impact toughnessKJ/㎡80
Compressive strengthMPA85
Bending strengthMPA220
Barcol hardnessHB60
Linear expansion coefficient30℃-65℃ 1.74x10-5
65℃-100℃ 1.5 x10-6

FRP 3D Embossed Panel


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