FRP Wooden Sandwich Panel

20 year service time
FRP Thickness: 1.0-3.5mm
Width range:50mm-3000mm
Type: could be customized as drawings
UV resistance: Yes
Water resistance: Yes
Fire retardant Rating: ASTM E84 Class A

Also known as GRP/FRP sandwich panel, which structure is FRP skin + core material + FRP skin.

FRP sandwich panel is a high-tech, high-quality new sheet, it does not occur in the ultra-low temperature of 40 degrees brittle crack, high temperature below 100 degrees will not be deformed, and can prevent heat transfer.

FRP sandwich panels can replace color steel plate, aluminum, etc., And to overcome the traditional products rust, corrosion, easy to depression deformation, can not adapt to harsh environments and other shortcomings.

FRP sandwich panels with gel-coated can be self-cleaning, anti-UV, anti-static, etc, is the most popular international truck body and van panel.

FRP Wooden Sandwich Panel
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Longitudinal tensile strengthMPA142
Transverse tensile strengthMPA120
Shear strengthMPA120
Impact toughnessKJ/㎡80
Compressive strengthMPA85
Bending strengthMPA220
Barcol hardnessHB60
Linear expansion coefficient30℃-65℃ 1.74x10-5
65℃-100℃ 1.5 x10-6

FRP Wooden Sandwich Panel


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