FRP Corrugated Panel

Fiberglass reinforced plastic profile panel will bring you better environment

Product Features

  • Light Weight
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Weathering Characteristics
  • Light Weight
  • High-Impact Resistance
  • Easy To Rrepair
  • High Gloss Surface Finish Effect

Product Description

Adopting the composite material of alkali-free glass fiber reinforcement, unsaturated polyester resin and high-performance anti-aging hot-sealing film (or transparent gel coat) after high temperature treating, and is a kind of daylighting product after mechanical continuous forming (commonly known as FRP daylighting panel or FRP transparent tile). The panel has smooth appearance, light weight and high strength, high light transmittance, astigmatism, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance, accurate section size, water tightness, random cutting length, easy to install, service life will be 15-20 years.

Real video

GRP profile panel
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The product is widely used in workshop, cooling tower, etc.


Chemical Test:

Zhongsheng FRP Co.,ltd has its own lab:
The panel was soaked in the test solution (20% sulfuric acid, 20% hydrochloric acid and 20% nitric acid) at room temperature for three months, and no chemical corrosion phenomena occurs.

Product performance

Longitudinal tensile strengthMPA142
Transverse tensile strengthMPA114
Shear strengthMPA104
Impact toughnessKJ/㎡78.7
Compressive strengthMPA81.3
Bending strengthMPA226
Barcol hardnessHB56
Linear expansion coefficient30℃-65℃ 1.74x10-5
65℃-100℃ 1.5 x10-6

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